Chalk Painted Cork Board DIY

I was cleaning out my office this afternoon and found this old framed cork board that my brother gave to me because he wasn’t using it.  I tucked it away behind a shelf thinking I would find something to do with it eventually and use it in my office.

Lately the kids play room has been high on my to-do list. I’m trying very hard to get it all of the many books organized and weed out all the toys they don’t play with anymore. Seeing this again got my wheels turning and I opened up some of my Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White that I had from another project and got busy.

First, I taped the around the inner frame to prevent the paint from going on the cork. I wanted to leave this exposed.  Then I painted around the frame using a basic paint brush.







I wanted it to have a slightly distressed look so I took a bit a sand paper to the edges. You can do as much or a little as you like depending on the look you want. Or even nothing at all.

After I sanded, I finished it off with Annie Sloan clear wax. I used a very small amount on a wax brush and quickly ran this across the painted wood and buffed out with Scott’s Shop Heavy Duty blue towels. You can also use a clean rag. I buffed until it felt like butter and there was no tackiness.


And Viola! A very quick Simple 30 min DIY!

xo Jennifer



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