Twin Bed Refinishing in Beautiful Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint! Perfect for a little girl’s room.

Refinished Furniture – Twin Bed

Twin Bed Size is perfect for little girls sharing a room. The Bed Dimensions make it easy to tuck into the corners of the room providing Our youngest is 2.5 years old now (um, where did the time go?) and we felt she was very ready for her “big girl” bed! My parents had kept my childhood bed along with my sisters as we had shared a room growing up. What a better bonding experience than Twin Bed Refinished With Chalk Paint for my daughter.

Twin Bed Refinished With Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey Chalk Paint

Since our older daughter Emily has my twin bed, it was only fitting that now, my younger daughter Elisa was to get the other matching bed. They don’t share a room but they share a Jack and Jill bathroom and have matching lighting and dressers. Shabby chic style is what we wanted for her room and refinished it in Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey Chalk Paint. This was a one day job and honestly and  I was surprised at how quick it was! I will admit that I was leaning towards painting it Annie Sloan Old White, y’know it’s so safe and classic (and amazing), but I’m glad I went with the Paris Grey for this piece!

These twin beds are over 30 years old, but here is a similar style from Amazon.

You’ll notice this giant drop cloth quite a bit. We take on a lot of painting projects, so investing in a large drop cloth made sense. This one is huge. 20×20 I believe, and we don’t have very many rooms that we will need a drop cloth this big for. however, for painting ceilings, it’s great cause you can tarp off all the furniture in the room with it.

Below I’ve included a few different drop cloths from Amazon. These canvas cloths are nice and thick. Paint won’t soak through if you have a spill. there are 3 sizes below. 14×16, 9×12, and 4×15 (Left to right). 9×12 is the most versatile, and affordable compared to the larger model. 4×15 is a great size for hallways, and single walls (not ceilings).

No need to do any prepping on this piece as it was in pretty great condition.  A few dings and scratches but nothing some chalk paint couldn’t fix.  I did 2 coats of the Paris Grey. Starting with a thin light coat. After that had dried I roughed up the edges with some sandpaper to give it some character and charm, perfect for a shabby chic look! Once I was happy with the look, I went in with Annie Sloan Clear Wax using a waxing brush.

In sections, using a small amount I applied the wax in circular motions. Then, using Scott’s Blue towels I buffed and buffed and buffed until it was no longer tacky but feeling smooth and buttery.

Easy peasy, right?! ya!

*Waxing brushes can be purchased from Amazon, your local craft store, or from Annie Sloan.

The Bedding

I ordered the bedding off of, it’s waterfall ruffled and in white. I just LOVE  the look of white bedding!! It’s so serene and pretty and ohhh so lovely!! But can I just say, Do you know how hard it is to find a variety of bedding in TWIN size?! ugh.

I can’t believe my baby is in a big girl bed… no more cribs in this house. 🙁 Whaaaaaa. This picture is my parents putting her bed together, and as you can see, it is a family affair and quite the event! 🙂

I will update with a picture of her bedding with the chalk painted bed very soon! I’m loving this Twin Bed Refinished With Chalk Paint.

Stay tuned!

xo Jennifer

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