Outdoor Skating Rink You Can Build Yourself in a Few Hours with Simple Materials

Skating Rink with LED Lights

DIY Backyard Ice Rinks I’ve Made

I’ve been building an Outdoor Skating Rink in the backyard for about 5 years now! I love watching the kids get out and skate, or play a little hockey. Here are a couple of the ice rinks I have made in the past.

This Outdoor Skating Rink I actually purchased, and they have been discontinued since. For good reason too. They look okay in the pictures, but they were awful to keep up.

The product is called “Rink In A Bag”, and basically its a giant bag you fill with the hose and cut open once the water has frozen. In theory its a great idea, however unless your yard is perfectly flat, and its well below freezing all the time you will have problems. My yard is pretty flat already, but there are some low spots that caused the bag to bulge out. Even laying the bag flat in the first place was harder than it should be. As you can see, I have 2 of these 10X20 “Rink in a bag” ice rinks. One came out better than the other, but neither were great.

Flooding the skating rink to make the surface smooth was also challenging as there was no way to contain the water on the surface, it would run off into the snow banks.

For fun, I added some LED rope lights underneath one of the bags before filling it with water. It looks so fun at night. Maybe for the next rink I’ll make Center and Blue Lines with LED lights.

Backyard Ice Hockey Rink – The Outdoor Arena

This backyard hockey rink is portable. I got 4 seasons out of it, and it held up awesome. I actually sold the complete kit and its still being used.

DIY Ice Rink
The temperature is rising and the snow’s gone but there is still 6 inches of ice.

This Ice Rink Kit I built using 2X12 lumber and a large heavy duty tarp. Lots of skating and hockey were played here. From a size perspective its 20 feet wide and 40 feet long, its big enough for 4-6 to skate around. Hockey games were limited to 3 on 3’s with a goalie, or 2 on 2 without.

When planning this rink out, I started looking for the best price I could find on a big tarp. That determined the size I was going to build.

How much does a backyard ice rink cost?

Ice Rink Kits start around $700 and go way up from there. A DIY rink can cost as little as nothing if you use scrap material. On average a 20 x 40 backyard rink costs around $200-$300 in materials.

Does backyard ice rink ruin your grass?

A backyard rink can ruin your grass if its left in place when the weather gets too warm and the grass starts growing again. But if its taken done and setup when the grass is dormant your lawn will be fine.

How deep should a backyard rink be?

A backyard rink should be at least 4 inches deep in the shallowest spot. 6 inches or more is ideal for a strong surface that will withstand a little melting and still stay frozen as well.

How do you build an Ice Rink in your backyard?

A typical backyard rink construction started with a rectangular wooden frame anchored to the ground, with a large waterproof tarp draped over the frame. Then structure is filled with water and left to freeze.

Why is it called an ice rink?

Rink is Scottish for course (common in curling) so “Ice Course” Here’s the wikipedia link

Check out these inspiring backyard builds for your skating rink project.

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