woodlawn blue benjamin moore bedroom paint

Painting The Master Bedroom In Woodlawn Blue From Benjamin Moore. Beautiful and Tranquil.

Hey friends, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog. We moved into a new home in January and between selling our previous home and the holidays it was pretty insane around here. Lets get started painting the Master Bedroom in Woodlawn Blue From Benjamin Moore.

We bought a mid 70’s side split that had some renos done to it previously. I’m looking forward to sharing small DIY’s and weekend projects with you all. 🙂

One of the first things we did was painting the Master bedroom! It had dark grey paint and an accent wall with black and silver stripped wall paper. To each their own but it wasn’t my thing.  So my 8 year and daughter and I stripped it off in about 30 mins using a combo of water and Fabric softner and a wall paper scorer like this one.

wall paper remover
wall paper scraper

I wanted something calming and relaxing to wake up to and retreat to every night.  After bringing home a few different paint options I decided to paint the room in Woodlawn Blue (HC – 147) by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint for the Master Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue Paint | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 Colorography | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 Paint Blob

Here is what the bedroom looked like before.  My daughter Emily helping me stripe the wall paper.

wallpaper stripping
Benjamin Moor Paint on dark brown walls

This color is already starting to brighten up the room!

Isn’t it amazing, the power of paint?

Painting Bedroom Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue

We’re making great progress, but the room still needs work, with updating some decor. But I wanted to show you the difference a little bit of paint makes.

woodlawn blue on the walls
accessories matching the wall paint | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 Chroma | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 LRV
Beautiful Woodlawn Blue Bedroom | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 Hue Family | Woodlawn Blue HC-147 Value

Anyone else Painting The Master Bedroom Benjamin Moore Woodlawn blue? Or any room for that matter. Send us a picture, we’d love to update this post with your room too.

xo Jen

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Painting rooms FAQ

What is the proper order to paint a room in?

Some professionals prefer to paint trim work first, then tape it off before painting the walls. I work from the top to the bottom, including the ceiling, if it’s getting painted.

How do you paint a room without taping?

It’s possible to paint a room without taping, using a good sharp brush and a steady hand. To make things easier, there are all kinds of edge tools available. Most are junk, but paint guides like this one from amazon are very handy.

What is the best paint for a bedroom?

Latex paint in an eggshell or satin finish is most common for bedrooms. Bathrooms and other wet rooms, door and window trim, and baseboards are typically painted with a semi-gloss or gloss paint.

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