Pile of Wooden Pallets

4 Super Simple uses for those Old Wood Pallets

1) Make a basic pallet fence

Wood pallets already kinda look like a fence, and they are already made. Boom – They are fences!!

Make a fence out of a wood pallet

2) Use pallets to hide stuff, or to make pretty supports for sunflowers

I took these 2 bad boys, and a couple of screws and made this farm-style fence. It hides my scrap and firewood and supports our sunflowers in the front. The solar lights look great at night.

Make a privacy fence from wood pallets to hide stuff

3) Make a basic deck

I needed a step in front of the door on my shed, so I picked out a sturdy pallet and filled in all the opened spots with scrap. After a coat of some old stain, I have a nice porch. Look, another pallet fence 🙂

Make a deck or porch out of wood pallets

4) Make a platform for your refuse bin.

wood pallet platform for refuse bins

Our plastic garbage and recycling center works great, but it needed to be raised up so the doors don’t hit the ground. I attached a couple of pallets together and leveled them out then placed my “Raccoon Diner” on the top.

Now they have no problem opening the doors 🙂

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